Domino’s pizza Everyday Value offer😍😍

Pizza’s have always been as a pie chart to me as to how much pizza is left and I like to keep that to 100%.

When Domino’s has regular pizza’s for Rs 99 each and medium pizza’s for Rs 199 each, why would anyone want to order anything else.

. This is the reason I love to order from Domino’s atleast twice a week, for me they deliver one of the best pizza’s and I don’t think, I would be able to find a substitute ever.

I ordered two pizza’s for RS 99 each that had sufficient enough toppings and cheese oozing out.

Just look at the paneer and the capsicum pieces. Isn’t that a value for money pizza where you get much more satisfaction than the amount you pay.

Dominos has always been and will always be my preference when it comes to ordering pizza’s or garlic breads.




Buying a new or a used car can prove tricky as it not only involves putting in your hard earned money but more importantly the efforts that one needs to put and if those are not put in the right direction, all your efforts might go in vain. So here, I will tell some tips one should actually follow so that they don’t regret or feel cheated later.

Buying a new car might be easy for a few people, though it involves putting in a lot of money whereas buying a used car may prove tricky  as it involves a lot of research that goes around looking at the price that is being charged according to the condition of the pre-owned vehicle.

Buying a second hand car can prove as an extra advantage for people looking to buy an upgraded model at the same price but also needs to be cautious of not buying a repaired or an accidental one.

Buy yours from

b44a9998f56764397ca8bc5afe6e8ee4 USED 2015 MERCEDES BENZ C-400             bb6b20dbed1070309714e9a5576e9d83 NEW-2018 HONDA CIVIC SPORT


Here are some tips that might be useful while looking to buy a new or a used car:

  1. FINDING THE RIGHT CAR: It is essential for one to find the right car, at the right place. Just don’t go to a dealer and buy one, rather it involves searching thoroughly, after-all it’s your efforts and hard earned money which has to be taken care of.
  2. CAR SAFETY: Just don’t look on how the car looks to other people, you should make sure about how safe and technologically sound the car is. It should have all safety features be it airbags, effective brakes and shockers, accident handling capabilities to prevent any mishap during a crash.



3. AFTER SALES SERVICE: While buying a used or a new car, one should be careful about their after sales services that includes how the queries are being handled or how fast a solution is provided for the problems that occur. I remember with my Toyota car, my car brakes just got stuck while driving for almost 5 seconds, the next day I took it to the workshop and the manager told it was the mat’s defect and not the brake’s as their brakes had no wiring technology since it is a Japanese company. The manager drove the car himself for 10 kms to instill back the confidence we had in Toyota.

4. FINANCING: One should always take care of the terms and conditions that are involved in financing a new car or a used car. Every company has different conditions of financing, some provide financing at very reasonable percentage and also offer free insurance or extended warranty facilities.

5.DO NOT HURRILY CLOSE THE DEAL: Buying a new or a pre owned car is a pretty long process. It just doesn’t involve going to the showroom and buying it, rather it is a detailed process that involves finding the right car at the right time in terms of safety, features and the price charged accordingly.

6. MILEAGE: A person would always look at the mileage the car has to offer because it is not just important to spend at the beginning for making a purchase, but your car always asks for maintenance later which involves the regular maintenance, repairs or the average the car has to offer.

7. COMPANY BACKGROUND: It is very important for one to have a look at the company background because one wouldn’t want to buy a car where the company turns out to be a company that’s fraud or is using obsolete technology compromising with the customer’s safety.

8. CONDITION OF THE CAR: This may not be helpful while buying a new car but while buying a pre-owned car, one needs to be sure that the car isn’t accidental or has been rebuilt. This would affect the resale of the car and would ask for continuous repairs that would be a loss to the customer.

9. CLEAR TITLE: While buying a pre-owned car, one must make sure that the car isn’t financed previously in such a manner that the instalments still haven’t been paid or the car for sale is not a stolen one.

These tips would definitely help one to make a decision while going to buy a new or a pre-owned car.

So, what are you waiting for?

Buy your favourite car at now.


I have given these tips and I assure that this data hasn’t been copied from anywhere.

Because Donuts are life❤️

With the season of festivals round the corner and with relatives coming at your places, what would be the best gift you could ever give them? #GoNutsOnDonuts

Yes, a pack of donuts from DUNKIN DONUTS is all they need and then there comes the perfect sweetness that’s required, a steal deal that has donuts for just Rs49. So even if you are not fond of six pack abs, just get a six pack donuts for yourself.

I got myself this 6 pack donuts which had 2 choco frosted donuts, 1 jelly filled, 1 classic glazed, 1 cutie fruity and 1 cinnamon flavoured donut.

How about falling in love with these donuts by trying it out yourself and I am sure you won’t stop after just a bite. 

At such a price, you won’t have to share those donuts with anyone, hence your friendship won’t be tested at any stage, a donut shall never come in between a friendship because donuts always will have a seperate place.

To the late night hunger pangs!!

I have been continuously looking for late night delivery outlets here in North Delhi to satisfy my late night cravings and I have finally found one. Moonlight delivery is a late night delivery outlet of Indus flavour, a restaurant that has already established itself by consistently serving amazing vegetarian delicacies. This has always been one of my favourite outlets looking for vegetarian food and with the late night delivery option coming from 11pm to 4am, this has been an icing on the cake for me.My go-to option whenever any body asks me for a late night delivery outlet to satisfy their hunger pangs. 
Coming to the delivery time, I had placed an order which was to be delivered at 1AM and it was delivered at 12.55AM. They deserve 5/5.
Coming to the packaging, absolutely no leakage with the food absolutely hot that came in the plastic containers with pickled onions and mint sauce.

Coming to the food,

1. Chilly paneer gravy: The perfect chinese gravy with the apt garlic flavour and the perfect mix of sauces, this was definitely one of the best chilly paneer gravy I have had that went well with the chilly garlic noodles served, noodles was very well cooked with loads of vegetables.

2. Dal makhani: One of the best Dal Makhani at GTB Nagar, with the dal being perfectly cooked and with the richness of cream, I loved it to the last bite with the Italian seasoning and the Black olives naan that they have.

3. Paneer Makhmali: This was a thick tomato based gravy with the perfect flavours. 

Undoubtedly the best experience I have had with a late night delivery outlet.

Keep up the good work!!

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All about those amazing Impromptu plans!

Impromptu, located in Vatika towers, Sector 54 Gurugram amazes me with the place they have, a passage which leads to a place with such a nice ambience.

A beautiful place with a staircase leading to a place that you can visit and won’t be disappointed doing that.

Offering a total sitting space of about 135 people, both indoor and outdoor and a lunch buffet for Rs 785 from Monday-Saturday and Rs 917 on Sunday, this place surely has an amazing ambience.

Also, they have a ladies night on Wednesday’s.

Coming to the interiors, pretty elegant and a nicely done bar!!

Coming to the food and mocktails:
1. Watermelon smash: A mocktail with watermelon chunks, basil leaves and 7up was very refreshing!!! (195+taxes).

2. Virgin Mojito: Very refreshing with a perfect mint flavour.

3. Paneer tikka: Soft paneer pieces, perfectly marinated and grilled that were served with a spicy tomato relish and some onions!! Highly recommended

4. Veg pizza: Happiness comes in all shapes,  ordered a rectangular thin crust pizza with olives, cheese, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, had the apt cheese and was perfecly baked.

5. Exotic vegetables: Served with noodles/rice, these were one of the best exotic vegetables for me!! I loved the chinese food served here and I would highly recommend it.

6. Avatar: So going by the name, it’s a fresh fruit trifel with rabri, toasted nuts and balushahi, it was very nicely presented and secondly the taste was bang on! One of the best desserts for me!!

I would definitely come here to try these dishes again and I am sure, the next time there would be more delicacies to try!!

Impromptu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

All about an amazing evening with friends!!

Marine Drivve, not so new in the Rajouri Garden area that has been coming up with new restaurants every week!! This one’s bang opposite Pillar no 412 and at walking distance from Rajouri garden metro station!!!
Situated on the side of where Global food factory is, parking may not be an issue here because of the valet parking that has been offered!

The place gives you a royal feeling from the outside and is spread over two floors both offering an outdoor seating space as well.
The interiors are good with a nicely done bar!!
Coming to the food and shakes:

Chocolate and Oreo shake: It was overloaded with cream, oreo biscuits and chocolate rolls, perhaps not very thick and was perfectly made!!

Coming on to the starters:

Tandoori momos: Although the filling inside was a bit less, it had the perfect flavours and was very nicely presented!! It was served with mint sauce, mayonnaise and onions!!

Masala fish omlet with cone papad: Perhaps the best starter for me!! It was served in a glass having papad cone shaped with a filling of fish and omlette bhurji inside!! With the perfect flavours, it is highly recommended!!

Coming to the mains:

Dal makhani platter:

Served with breads of your choice, Dal makhani and rice, Dal makhani was flavourful and creamy to the core!! I loved the dal makhani served here!!

This is a place where you can come and have some amazing time relishing their shakes and the food they serve, though the service can be improved and taken care of!!