Because Donuts are life❤️

With the season of festivals round the corner and with relatives coming at your places, what would be the best gift you could ever give them? #GoNutsOnDonuts

Yes, a pack of donuts from DUNKIN DONUTS is all they need and then there comes the perfect sweetness that’s required, a steal deal that has donuts for just Rs49. So even if you are not fond of six pack abs, just get a six pack donuts for yourself.

I got myself this 6 pack donuts which had 2 choco frosted donuts, 1 jelly filled, 1 classic glazed, 1 cutie fruity and 1 cinnamon flavoured donut.

How about falling in love with these donuts by trying it out yourself and I am sure you won’t stop after just a bite. 

At such a price, you won’t have to share those donuts with anyone, hence your friendship won’t be tested at any stage, a donut shall never come in between a friendship because donuts always will have a seperate place.


To the late night hunger pangs!!

I have been continuously looking for late night delivery outlets here in North Delhi to satisfy my late night cravings and I have finally found one. Moonlight delivery is a late night delivery outlet of Indus flavour, a restaurant that has already established itself by consistently serving amazing vegetarian delicacies. This has always been one of my favourite outlets looking for vegetarian food and with the late night delivery option coming from 11pm to 4am, this has been an icing on the cake for me.My go-to option whenever any body asks me for a late night delivery outlet to satisfy their hunger pangs. 
Coming to the delivery time, I had placed an order which was to be delivered at 1AM and it was delivered at 12.55AM. They deserve 5/5.
Coming to the packaging, absolutely no leakage with the food absolutely hot that came in the plastic containers with pickled onions and mint sauce.

Coming to the food,

1. Chilly paneer gravy: The perfect chinese gravy with the apt garlic flavour and the perfect mix of sauces, this was definitely one of the best chilly paneer gravy I have had that went well with the chilly garlic noodles served, noodles was very well cooked with loads of vegetables.

2. Dal makhani: One of the best Dal Makhani at GTB Nagar, with the dal being perfectly cooked and with the richness of cream, I loved it to the last bite with the Italian seasoning and the Black olives naan that they have.

3. Paneer Makhmali: This was a thick tomato based gravy with the perfect flavours. 

Undoubtedly the best experience I have had with a late night delivery outlet.

Keep up the good work!!

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All about those amazing Impromptu plans!

Impromptu, located in Vatika towers, Sector 54 Gurugram amazes me with the place they have, a passage which leads to a place with such a nice ambience.

A beautiful place with a staircase leading to a place that you can visit and won’t be disappointed doing that.

Offering a total sitting space of about 135 people, both indoor and outdoor and a lunch buffet for Rs 785 from Monday-Saturday and Rs 917 on Sunday, this place surely has an amazing ambience.

Also, they have a ladies night on Wednesday’s.

Coming to the interiors, pretty elegant and a nicely done bar!!

Coming to the food and mocktails:
1. Watermelon smash: A mocktail with watermelon chunks, basil leaves and 7up was very refreshing!!! (195+taxes).

2. Virgin Mojito: Very refreshing with a perfect mint flavour.

3. Paneer tikka: Soft paneer pieces, perfectly marinated and grilled that were served with a spicy tomato relish and some onions!! Highly recommended

4. Veg pizza: Happiness comes in all shapes,  ordered a rectangular thin crust pizza with olives, cheese, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, had the apt cheese and was perfecly baked.

5. Exotic vegetables: Served with noodles/rice, these were one of the best exotic vegetables for me!! I loved the chinese food served here and I would highly recommend it.

6. Avatar: So going by the name, it’s a fresh fruit trifel with rabri, toasted nuts and balushahi, it was very nicely presented and secondly the taste was bang on! One of the best desserts for me!!

I would definitely come here to try these dishes again and I am sure, the next time there would be more delicacies to try!!

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All about an amazing evening with friends!!

Marine Drivve, not so new in the Rajouri Garden area that has been coming up with new restaurants every week!! This one’s bang opposite Pillar no 412 and at walking distance from Rajouri garden metro station!!!
Situated on the side of where Global food factory is, parking may not be an issue here because of the valet parking that has been offered!

The place gives you a royal feeling from the outside and is spread over two floors both offering an outdoor seating space as well.
The interiors are good with a nicely done bar!!
Coming to the food and shakes:

Chocolate and Oreo shake: It was overloaded with cream, oreo biscuits and chocolate rolls, perhaps not very thick and was perfectly made!!

Coming on to the starters:

Tandoori momos: Although the filling inside was a bit less, it had the perfect flavours and was very nicely presented!! It was served with mint sauce, mayonnaise and onions!!

Masala fish omlet with cone papad: Perhaps the best starter for me!! It was served in a glass having papad cone shaped with a filling of fish and omlette bhurji inside!! With the perfect flavours, it is highly recommended!!

Coming to the mains:

Dal makhani platter:

Served with breads of your choice, Dal makhani and rice, Dal makhani was flavourful and creamy to the core!! I loved the dal makhani served here!!

This is a place where you can come and have some amazing time relishing their shakes and the food they serve, though the service can be improved and taken care of!!

All about The Grill kitchen-Gourmet!

Delhi has become a place where restaurants have been keen on always getting something new and innovative, be it their style of packaging or providing quality food at reasonable prices!!
The Grill kitchen Gourmet in Greater Kailash, a brainchild of a couple turned restauateur, has been set up as an only delivery outlet where they deliver all over South Delhi!!
So the outlet that I would be preferring when I am here in South Delhi would be this!!

With everything well packed and fresh, I began with my meal!!

1. Bharwan ajwaini paneer tikka: With soft and flavourful paneer pieces served with mint sauce and onions, this could be perhaps one of the best paneer tikka I have ever had!!

2. Paneer lababdaar: These were soft paneer cubes well cooked in a spicy tomato and fresh creamy gravy!! As the name suggests, I completely surrendered by taste buds to this excellence served by TGK!!

3. Butter chicken: After trying out the tender paneer cubes, I decided to try out their butter chicken, a dish that I find pretty important from a restaurant’ point of view!! With the perfect flavours and boneless pieces perfectly tossed in a rich and creamy gravy, TGK provided me with an experience that I would cherish it for a few more months and would want to experience it again.

4. Assorted breads: Also, about the breads, the only thing these remained soft even after an hour of delivery. Do order their garlic naan!!

This is how my dinner plate was:

The kebab fest!!

Radisson Blu hotel, Faridabad always keeps coming up with some amazing festivals and this time it’s the Kebab fest!!

Starting June 16th till June 25th, I got to experience their Kebab fest luckily, where the chefs present to you the succulent and mouth melting kebabs which you would definitely want to have if you are a true food lover and if kebabs tops the charts!!

So we started with the following as we were already drooling listening to this!!

We started with Subz Moussaka: So for everybody to understand this, that’s a greek dish with eggplant or tomatoes(accordinly for both vegetarians and non-vegeterians) and with a cheese layer at the top!! This was served cold to us(can be served both ways)

Next we went with the appetisers: 

Subz galouti, Peshawari paneer, Kale moti shami, Bharwan Tandoori aloo and Tills k subz kebab. These were all melt-in-the-mouth specially Shami kebabs!! Trust me when I say this but I haven’t had better Shami Kebabs, had just once somewhere in Cp and then this just increased my love for kebabs!!

Ok then I had the main part coming in: these were the non-vegetarian appetisers which had Mutton Galouti, Nasheela chooza, Angara murg, Tali machi and Lamb chaap!!

The fish was perfectly fried, the mutton galouti was definitely how it should be-melt in the mouth. Yes these galouti kebabs had an history and were made for some maharaja in Lucknow who had no teeth, so these had to made so soft.

And then apart from that, Biryani, Dal makhani, Nargisi Kofta curry and Lamb Beliram along with Breads!!

I am not that fond of Kofta’s so leaving that aside, I tasted all of them!! I just loved the aroma of Biryani and Dal makhani!! The breads were served hot and the service was bang on time!!

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‘Naile pe Dehla’

This was truly a ‘Naile pe Dehla’ for this place by changing it’s name from Niche to Naile pe Dehla. This place has that same old feel, the same old bar when you enter the place and the same old ambience, just the name has changed. The change of name does not mean a change of the taste of food or the ambience!!

Bang opposite fire station and nearest from the gate no 5 of Rajiv chowk metro station, lies this cafe and bar at the 2nd floor!!

As soon as you enter the place, you find a nicely done and huge bar.

Moving in, you find some amazing interiors with the place well spread, even could arrange parties or perfect for a big gathering.

I found a place for myself and thought of ordering food, to began with:

1. Virgin Mojito:

My go-to drink at every restaurant. I find it quite refreshing. This one as the perfect mint flavour.

2. Lal mirch ka chicken tikka: 

What an amazing beginning to what I expected would turn out to be a great evening!! With a spicy twist, these boneless pieces were melt-in mouth and just took around 2 minutes to be finished.

3. Palak patta tartles: 

Not that fond of vegeterian but then these were nicely presented with sev and chutneys on a palak tart. The best vegetarian appetiser for me.

4. Fish and chips:

Succulent and soft fish pieces served with fries and tarter sauce!! Can’t be missed here!!

For the main course, I could’t have it so can’t comment on that, maybe I would come soon and try that!!

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